Colleges & Universities

Photo of a University TheatreColleges and Universities offer a diverse array of options to enhance student life. Key among these options are sporting events and the arts, as well as participation in a number of different workshops and programs. With such a wide offering, it is very valuable for management to have a single solution that can manage multiple venues, different events and easily sell tickets and add registrants to everything that is happening on campus.

ATMS+ is just the solution for colleges and universities across North America. From one central system users all over campus can access a real-time inventory of tickets for all student events on and off campus.

ATMS+ empowers Colleges and Universities to:

  • Establish multiple box office locations at different sites and venues across campus
  • Sell walk-up admissions and advanced ticket sales
  • Sell and renew season ticket packages, as well as flex and combination ticket packages
  • Sell additional items and programs ancillary to the event
  • Offer private label online sales through the campus website
  • Register students for extracurricular courses, workshops and intramurals
  • Track usage and attendance at different venues